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What: Bibliomix II

When: Thursday, November 21, 8:00 PM

Where: Bridge Magazine Event Space 119 North Peoria, #3D
(Ph) 312-421-2227

Info Contact: Greg Gillam 773-769-1092

In Brief: Performers read fascinating text excerpts to intriguing
musical beats. Spoken word / Music Event.

In Detail: Readers perform excerpts from fiction and nonfiction texts
selected by "bibliographic DJs" who arrange the texts by theme and
content. Performances are accompanied by a live soundtrack spun by
music DJs. The theme for this edition is "Keeping Up Appearances." The
Biblio-DJs are Hannah Tashjian and Jason Warrinier. The music DJ is
Andy Hopkins. The performers are Cara Jepsen, Mr. Dan Kelly, Jennifer
Milton and Greg Gillam. $5 suggested donation (more if you've got it,
free if you're broke). This is a Bridge Magazine Event



Hannah Tashjian manages Quimby's Bookstore http://www.quimbys.com/),
an intensely independent bookstore in Wicker Park. She also labors over
tiny paper models and toys.

Jason Warriner
http://www.nicestplace.net/jaywar/) is an artist and
designer living in Chicago. He releases handmade cds under the auspices
of Pro/Con http://www.dreamchimney.com/procon/).

Music DJ-
Andy Hopkins is a Chicago based musician and DJ.

Cara Jepsen is an instructor at N.U. Yoga Center
http://www.yogamind.com/faculty.shtml and writes the Reader's days of
the week calendar http://www.chireader.com/listings/static/daily.html . Her byline has
also appeared in The (UK) Guardian, Salon, Billboard, and Book
magazine. Her cartoon, “On the Mat,” appears in Yoga Chicago Magazine.

Mr. Dan Kelly is a Chicago writer. He is a regular contributor to the
Chicago Journal, and his work has appeared in the Baffler, the Ragtime
Ephemeralist, Book Happy, In These Times, Lumpen Magazine, NewCity, and
on memepool.com. His essay collection, Cop Porn, has received critical
praise, though its title remains difficult for his friends and family
to say aloud. His Web site may be accessed and roundly ridiculed at

Jennifer Milton is an actor who resides in Chicago. She is a founding
member of Rogue Theater Company and currently is co-producing the
Winter All Girl Revue with the Lesbian Theater Initiative. Past
credits with TinFish Theatre include Isabella of A Company of Wayward
Saints, Shelly of Like Monkeys and Milly of Screwtape
http://www.tinfish.org/Screwtapereviews.html .

Greg Gillam is a poet and producer in Chicago. His first book, Yespants
(Kapow! Press) was published in 2002. Greg has performed and produced
spoken word shows in various venues including Quimby's Bookstore, the
HotHouse and the DoubleDoor. He is the Event Planning Assistant for the
Bridge events space, and curator of the Bibliomix series. He has a
webzine Fengi.com http://www.fengi.com .


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Nov. 12th, 2002 08:09 am (UTC)
This sounds so cool! Unfortunately, I'll be working that night. :(
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