Dan Kelly (mrdankelly) wrote,
Dan Kelly

I see that girl with the enormous mouth tumor has been operated on, and now she looks perfectly... Well, she looks like she had a bowling ball sized tumor removed from her mouth. I'm happy she's going to live a, well, "normal" life isn't quite the word, is it? Well, at least now she can breathe and eat. I just don't understand why the press feels a need to run this picture, and why this is a "popular" picture on Yahoo. Carrying that over, I've mentioned this before, but you know that Most Recently Posted Pictures to LiveJournal doohickey? Betwixt all the porn, pale 'n creepy dolls, and images of kids drinking shitty liquor while flipping off the camera, you are guaranteed to find pictures of someone's latest wound. I'm talking about necrotic (sp.?) spider bites, long gouges from bike accidents, cutting experimentation, and so on. I've long been fascinated by weirdness, and gore doesn't bother me that much, but, to me, this is akin to being fascinated by snot. So much so, you take the time to photograph and share it with perfect strangers. Weird and distasteful.
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