Dan Kelly (mrdankelly) wrote,
Dan Kelly

I am no one's experimental hair monkey. Only I am the experimental hair monkey of myself. I, who is me, am the experimental hair monkey of Dan kelly, and none other. Experimental hair monkey? It is self, self-experimental of hair with monkey should I be. The monkey of experimental hair, that is myself, my being. You are not experimental hair monkey trainer nor master of I, for myself, I am the experimenter of hair for the ape-man-creature which is myself and I. The experimental hair monkey! I! Me! You are not mine and I am not yours, ever! This monkey experimental of hair, this... self... this... being of hair experimentation is none other but I, Dan Kelly. Not yours. Not hers. Not his. Not its. Not they's. Not them's. Not any of we or they but I myself and my own experiment the monkey of hairman that I am. No! Do not think it, this monkey of hair experimenting which is I, but not thine, forbidden! You shall not have it, never! Nevernevernever! Warned be you, Hell Mensch! This I myself me you not ever experimental hair moneky forbidden to thee and thy control and writ it should be in letters large enough to witness from space that I! AM! NOT! YOURS! in the experiment. The experiment. The experiment of hair, chimpanzees, babboon, orang-utang, gibbon, spider monkey, lemur-creature of the damned hellpit of STOAT-BLIMP. Maggots! Away with your scissors, your clippers, your combs, your brushes, your hairnets, your dryers, your teasing instruments of GLOOM---TOUCH NOT THIS HEAD OF MINE!!! I forbid this transgression of follicle and absorption by touch and dye and glimmer of oermanent instigation through highlights wave pattern fade sweep up the remnants of self after the cutting from the barbershop floor, I exist in garbage cans across the globe, my top my crowning glory of HAIR forever inextricable from landfills and pillow shams piled high on each follicle you read my DNA identification card readable by that brainwave modulator government men in blacque alien agent Nazi Gestapo death STOAT BLIMP forbidden forgiven the flan of witless witness justice never exceeding its reach grab for it all through lines of Whitman screamed at top volume frighten the children and expendtheneverendingbattlefortruthinjusticeandacquisitionof HAIR Not you experimental hair monkey. Never. No. Begone or you'll be sliced in the laserlikestare of my godly concentration of WILL shotting bits of greymatter microscopically transgressing the skull patterns minutely bisecting each neuron and imposing MY WILL upon YOUR HAIR till death do you

and your hair



Leviticus 11:6

You shall see.
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