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Blogging About Blogging Is a Blogging Bloggity Blog

Honest to God, things still happen in my life, I just haven't been as interested in charting my movements here. Blame the usual suspects: Facebook and Twitter. hell, I was twittering back when I was blogging.

I also suffered a tremendous loss in my life when Bush left office, removing much of my best and most sarcastic material while also eliminating my weekly professional Bush hater paycheck. What'll I do without that extra seven bucks?

Then I failed to upgrade my personal technology by refusing to become a weepy, heartbroken Obama supporter. I don't know about you, but I voted for the pragmatist who's currently in office, not the rainbow unicorn rider. Now he just has to wrap up the Iraq war, get bin Laden, quit buying into this "teachers unions are the reason the schools suck" baloney, sign a decent healthcare bill, and avert the new Depression. Easy-peasy.

My son continues to grow up, despite my advancing age. No respect for his elders.

I've been tossing around the idea of making a few trips this year. The wife and I are planning to visit Louisville to see the Muhammad Ali Museum, and the try to take in President Abe Lincoln's original hometown of Hodgenville, KY (more precisely, the family farm was within a few miles of Hodgenville). We're tossing around the idea of seeing where his mother, dad, and step-mom are buried too. Awesome Fun Fact: Lincoln's grandmother was named Bathsheba. I'd really like to get to Providence for a few days come April or May (yes, to see HPL sites, but also to visit Brown University, where I hope to find more info about Jay Mayo Williams), but we'll see how that pans out. I've also posed the possibility of visiting all of Louis Sullivan's jewel box banks and writing about my journeys. Anyone know a place that would pay for that?

Nothing else for now.
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